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Alumni Panel

LSAT Workshop

U of T Info Session

Capital Cup

Post-Midterm Bar Night


Law Student Panel

Osgoode Moot Court

General Assembly

Cooking with Crooks

Keynote Event

McGill Moot Court

Our Events

Every year the LSSA organizes Academic Panels. Concordia Alumni are invited to speak about their experience as either Lawyers or Law Students. This events helps aspiring law students gain knowledge based on others experience. This also serves as a networking opportunity and allows students to                         socialize with our guests and get to know peers                           who have the same goals as them. We are                                   beyond excited for this years panels! 


A standard requirement for most Law Schools is taking the LSATs. Our goal is to prepare as many students as we can through intensive LSAT Workshops. These workshops typically last a few hours and cover the utmost important details that you need to know! We have had the pleasure of welcoming                          Graeme Blake of LSATHacks over the last few                               years. Previously, we have held LSAT Study                                   Sessions, which have created an intimate study                           atmosphere for those interested. 


Cooking with Crooks is a successful social event that allows a handful of lucky students the opportunity to cook a great meal with the LSSA Executives and Concordia's very own Professor Frank Crooks. 

Cooking with Crooks

Wine & Cheeses are great social events that enable students to connect with their Executives as well as other students. These types of events are highly recommended for those who would like to run for an Executive position for the following year and for those who like a good wine! Good wine, great company,

                                                                 good food and a great                                                                      conversation!                         

Wine & Cheese

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