*Due to COVID-19 conditions, the LSSA will be 

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Our Events

Every year the LSSA organizes Academic Panels. Concordia alumni are invited to speak about their experiences as either lawyers or law students. These events help aspiring law students gain knowledge based on others' experiences. They also serve as a fantastic networking opportunity, allowing students to socialize with guests as well as like-minded peers. We are beyond excited for this year's panels! 


A standard entry requirement for most Law Schools is taking the LSATs. Our goal is to prepare our students as best as possible using intensive LSAT Workshops. These workshops typically last a few hours and cover the utmost important details for the test! 


Cooking with Crooks is a highly regarded networking event that allows a handful of students the opportunity to cook a delicious meal with the LSSA Executives and Concordia's very own Professor of Business Law, Frank Crooks. 

Cooking with Crooks

Our Wine and Cheese events enable students to connect with their peers. These events are highly recommended for those looking to get involved in the minor and more generally within the Concordia community.                                           

Wine & Cheese

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